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Problems faced by Teenagers

Life is individual’s creation. Every person has various problems in their life. We all carried number of miscellaneous experience from the time we exist in the world. And since then either knowingly or unknowingly we invited stress, tension and various other mental pressures in our life. Therefore, most of us give up and avoid the whole situation. That is why I would like to say, don’t give up. Try to defend yourself and keep patience.

Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always try just one more time.

Thomas A. Edison.

Now-a-days, we often seen teenager faced variety of problem during adolescent stage. According to WHO (World Health Organization), adolescence is the period of human growth and development that occurs after childhood and before adulthood, begins from the age of 12 and end at the age of19. It represents active growth and development of physical, sexual, social and emotional. Adolescence can be divided into three stages:

  1. Early adolescence: First stage of adolescence is early adolescence; duration of this stage is 12 to 14 Years. This is the stage when many adolescent start to engage in destructive activities such as smoking, taking-alcohol, marijuana etc.
  2. Middle adolescence: It is the second stage of adolescence. During the age of 15 to 17 years, they are more concerned about their look and to do so they spend large amount of time in grooming, exercising and modifying their physical appearance. In this stage they give more priority to their peer groups rather than giving on to their parents. For all aforementioned reasons they face different kind of problems.
  3. Late adolescence: Third stage is late adolescence. This started from the completion of middle age adolescence to the age of 19 years. This stage is also called high school age stage. In this age they need independency, they want to act and behave like an adult. Sometimes even their work brings critical situation to their life.

From the time teenager enters in adolescence periods faced lots of problem, challenges and critical situations. During this period most of the student has no idea what to do with their life. At times, many of them are unable to judge what is right or what is wrong for their life. They keep only one thing in their cognition that they can do everything or they have judgmental capacity to take decision. They think they are enough matured and that is why they don’t like when someone try to rule their life. For these reason, most of the times we have seen them in an uncertain track.

Now let me discuss about some common problems arising in adolescence stage and few tips to tackle these problem.

  1. Study Problems: It is a conjoint problem of this period faced by teenagers. Study problems including-Concentration problem (Some of them are unable to concentrate because they have some other thing running on their mind), Problems of memorizing figure & facts (Because of that they can’t get good marks in their studies), Struggling with time management (They can’t organized their work properly according to the time. Thereby, they become stressed)TIPS- Difficulty in concentrating is very much harmful sometimes. If you are unable to concentrate, firstly you need to try clear things on your head before starting work. Secondly, try to write the problem on a paper. Thirdly, try to do some relaxing exercise like- Meditation, Yoga: yoga is more helpful relaxing process and anything which relief your mind. You can also talk with a counselor or expert about the problem, they will definitely help you to see the problem from a different angle.If you have difficulties in remembering then try to understand things properly in the first place. Memory aids will also help you. Memory exercise like daily starts with by searching a word and then move to cross word puzzles, remembering digit from descending order, word recognition etc.

    If you find yourself that you are bad in time management, need to getting up earlier, becoming organized and list out the daily work. Try to make your day according to a time table. Definitely it will help you out from this problem.

  2. Peer Pressure:Peer pressure is common in this period. Students are influenced by their friends; they are encouraged by peers to change their attitude, habit etc. There are two types of peer pressure that is positive and negative. Positive peer pressure means positive influence. Negative peer pressure means peer pressure in negative ways.TIPS- If you have face peer pressure and finding difficult to handle, talked to your parents, teacher or school counselor. They can help you to overcome and prepare you for the next time you face peer pressure.
  3. Substance Abuse:Substance abuse in adolescence stage is a very perilous problem. Even we have seen that teens use substance to maintain style or usually take drugs, alcohol as a relief measure. This brings a lot of problems and risky situation.TIPS- If you think, you need help to stop using drugs or alcohol. Straightly go to an expert. They will definitely help you to reduce this habit. They will provide some therapy which will help you to come out of the problem.

Arising problems are never ending process. One problem invites another problem, then two more problems. Teen’s problems are the same, but we can try to reduce these problems. By effective guidance many of their problems could be solved. Almost all teenagers can get back on track with the right kind of guidance and attention.


Note: Recapitulation problems of teenagers are now a day’s extremely urgent. Parents should aware about their child’s problems. Expert says parents are the more effective medicine to reduce teenage problems .So, be aware about your child’s life. They only need your support. Kind of things important for adults to do with young people—encourage success in school, set boundaries, teach respect for cultural differences, guide decision making, give financial guidance.